AMA Policies

Find all American Medical Association House of Delegates policies and Council on Ethical and Judicial Affairs ethical opinions applicable to managed care contracting and the relationship between contracted physicians and health insurers and other payers.

Federal Law

Title 29. Labor-Subtitle B-Chapter XXV-Subchapter G-Part 2560-Rules And Regulations For Administration And Enforcement

08/30/2023 29 CFR 2560.503-1

Claims Procedure

ERISA-Med. Nec. Appeals-Deadlines, ERISA-Med. Nec. Decisions-Deadlines, Preemption-ERISA
Federal Law

Title 29-Chapter 18-Subchapter I-Subtitle B-Part 5. Administration and Enforcement

08/30/2023 29 USC Section 1144

Other Laws

Ama Policy

Preferred Provider Organizations H-415.998

Liability-insurer shifting to physician, Preemption-ERISA
Ama Policy

ERISA Preemption and State Prompt Pay Laws D-385.984

Preemption-ERISA, Prompt Payment Deadlines
Ama Policy

AMA Policy on ERISA H-285.915

Ama Policy

ERISA and Managed Care Oversight D-383.984

Participation in Products, Plans, or Networks, Preemption-ERISA