State Law

New Hampshire Statutes-Title XXXVII-Chapter 420-A: Health Service Corporations

08/15/2023 New Hampshire Section 420-A:19

Prohibiting Limitations on Liability; Disclosure of Information

Anti-gag clause, Liability-insurer shifting to physician

Liability-Insurer Shifting to Physician

I. No contract between a health service corporation and a physician, for the purpose of delineating the rights and obligations of the parties within the provider network, shall limit the liability of the health service corporation for any actions of the physician for which the health service corporation might otherwise be liable.

Anti-gag Clause

II. No contract between a health service corporation and a health care provider shall limit what information such health care provider may disclose to patients or to prospective patients regarding the provisions, terms, or requirements of the health service corporation’s products as they relate to the needs of such provider’s patients except for trade secrets of significant competitive value.