State Law

Revised Code of Washington-Title 49-Chapter 49.62. Noncompetition covenants

08/27/2023 Washington Section 49.62.070

Employees having an additional job—When authorized

Restrictive Covenants
(1) Subject to subsection (2) of this section, an employer may not restrict, restrain, or prohibit an employee earning less than twice the applicable state minimum hourly wage from having an additional job, supplementing their income by working for another employer, working as an independent contractor, or being self-employed.
(2)(a) This section shall not apply to any such additional services when the specific services to be offered by the employee raise issues of safety for the employee, coworkers, or the public, or interfere with the reasonable and normal scheduling expectations of the employer.
(b) This section does not alter the obligations of an employee to an employer under existing law, including the common law duty of loyalty and laws preventing conflicts of interest and any corresponding policies addressing such obligations.