State Law

Title 41. Insurance-Chapter 39. Managed Care Reform

08/02/2023 Idaho Section 41-3930

Utilization management program requirements

Retroactive Denial, State Medical Necessity Decisions-Deadlines, U.R. Criteria

(1) All managed care organizations performing utilization management or contracting with third parties for the performance of utilization management shall:

(a) Adopt utilization management criteria based on sound patient care and scientific principles developed in cooperation with licensed physicians and other providers as deemed appropriate by the managed care organization. Such criteria shall be sufficiently flexible to allow deviations from norms when justified on a case-by-case basis;

(b) Adopt procedures for a timely review by a licensed physician, peer provider or peer review panel when a claim has been denied as not medically necessary or as experimental. The procedure shall provide for a written statement of the reasons the service was denied and transmittal of that information to the appropriate provider for inclusion in the member’s permanent medical record;

(c) Upon enrollment, require members to provide written authorization for the release of medical information to the managed care organization;

(d) Adopt procedures which protect the confidentiality of patient health records. Such procedures may permit a managed care organization to record a telephone conversation in the course of requesting patient medical information only if it complies with existing state and federal laws and the other party to the conversation is notified by voice message that he is being recorded. Upon written request and within a reasonable time, a copy of such recordings shall be provided to the other party to the conversation if the recorded conversation becomes an issue in a formal grievance procedure, and the other party agrees to reimburse the managed care organization for reasonable costs associated with providing the requested copy.

(2) If emergency services are offered, no managed care organization shall require prior authorization for emergency services. In addition, a managed care organization shall respond to member or provider requests for prior authorization of a nonemergency service within two (2) business days after complete member medical information is provided to the managed care organization unless exceptional circumstances warrant a longer period to evaluate a request. Qualified medical personnel shall be available during normal business hours for telephone responses to inquiries about medical necessity, including certification of continued length of stay.

(3) When prior approval for a covered service is required of and obtained by or on behalf of a member, the approval shall be final and may not be rescinded by the managed care organization after the covered service has been provided except in cases of fraud, misrepresentation, nonpayment of premium, exhaustion of benefits or if the member for whom the prior approval was granted is not enrolled at the time the covered service was provided.