State Law

Title 41. Insurance-Chapter 34. Hospital and Professional Service Corporations

08/02/2023 Idaho Section 41-3443

Best price–Most favored nations clause prohibited

Most Favored Nation

No service corporation may require, as an element of any service agreement, that any licensee or hospital agree:

(1) To the unnegotiated adjustment by the service corporation of the licensee’s or hospital’s contractual reimbursement rate to equal the lowest reimbursement rate the licensee or hospital has agreed to charge any other payor;

(2) To a requirement that the licensee or hospital adjust, or enter into negotiations to adjust, their charges to the service corporation if the licensee or hospital agrees to charge another payor lower rates; or

(3) To a requirement that the licensee or hospital disclose his, her or its contractual reimbursement rates from other payors.