State Law

General Statutes of Connecticut-Title 38a-Chapter 700c. Health Insurance

07/29/2023 Connecticut Section 38a-478e

Medical protocols. Procedure prior to change. Physician input. Notification of change

U.R. Criteria

(a) Each managed care organization shall, prior to implementing new medical protocols or substantially or materially altering existing medical protocols, obtain input from physicians actively practicing in Connecticut and practicing in the relevant specialty areas. The managed care organization shall also seek input from physicians who are not employees of or consultants, other than to the extent a person is an employee or consultant solely for the purposes of this subsection, to the managed care organization provided the input is not unreasonably withheld. The managed care organization shall obtain the input in a manner permitting verification by the commissioner and shall document the process by which it obtained the input. For the purpose of this section, “medical protocols” shall include, but not be limited to, drug formularies or lists of covered drugs.

(b) Each managed care organization shall (1) make available, upon the request of a participating provider, its medical protocols for examination during regular business hours at the principal Connecticut headquarters of the managed care organization, and (2) if a managed care organization denies a treatment, service or procedure, the organization shall furnish, upon the request of a participating provider, a copy of the relevant medical protocol to the participating provider, along with an explanation of the denial at the time the denial is made.