State Law

Oklahoma Statutes. Title 36. Insurance

08/18/2023 Oklahoma Section 6910

Information to be provided to subscribers


Every health maintenance organization (HMO) shall:

1. Provide to its subscribers electronically or in paper copy a list of providers upon enrollment and make such list available electronically or in paper copy upon reenrollment; provided, a subscriber has submitted written assurances that the subscriber can view and print such electronic copy;

2. Provide to its subscribers notice of any material change in the operation of the organization that will affect them directly, no later than thirty (30) days after such change;

3. Immediately notify an enrollee in writing of the termination of the enrollee’s primary care provider and shall provide assistance to the enrollee in transferring to another participating primary care provider; and

4. Provide to subscribers, electronically or in paper copy, information on:

a. how to obtain services,

b. where to obtain additional information on access to services, and

c. how to contact the HMO at no cost to the enrollee.