State Law

Code of Virginia-Title 32.1-Chapter 5-Article 1.2. Utilization Review Standards and Appeals

08/12/2020 Virginia Section 32.1-137.9

Requirements and standards for utilization review entities

State Medical Necessity Decisions-Deadlines, U.R. Criteria

See bold text below:

U.R. Criteria

A. Each entity shall establish reasonable and prudent standards and criteria to be applied in utilization review determinations with input from physician advisors representing major areas of specialty and certified by the boards of the various American medical specialties. Such standards shall be objective, clinically valid, and compatible with established principles of health care. Such standards shall further be established so as to be sufficiently flexible to allow deviations from norms when justified on case-by-case bases.

The entity shall make available to any provider or covered person, upon written request, a list of such physician advisors and their major areas of specialty, as well as the standards and criteria established in accordance with this section except as prohibited in accordance with copyright laws.

B. An adverse determination shall be made only in accordance with § 32.1-137.13.

C. Each entity shall have a process for reconsideration of an adverse determination in accordance with § 32.1-137.14 and an appeals process in accordance with § 32.1-137.15.

D. Each entity shall make arrangements to use the services of physician advisors who are specialists in the various categories of health care on “per need” or “as needed” bases in conducting utilization review.

E. Each entity shall have review staff who are properly qualified, trained and supervised, and supported by a physician advisor, to carry out its review determinations.

F. Each entity shall notify its covered persons of the review process, including the appeals process, and shall so notify the covered person’s provider upon written request by the provider. An Evidence of Coverage shall contain a clear and complete statement, if a contract, or a reasonably complete summary, if a certificate, of the process for reconsideration of an adverse determination rendered under § 32.1-137.13, as required by § 32.1-137.14, and the process for internal appeal from an adverse determination under § 32.1-137.15.

Medical Necessity Decisions-Deadlines

G. Each entity shall communicate its utilization review decision no later than two business days after receipt by the entity of all information necessary to complete the review.

H. Each entity shall have a representative, authorized to approve utilization review determinations, available to covered persons and providers in accordance with § 32.1-137.11.

I. The Commissioner shall have the right to determine that an entity has complied with the requirement that the entity establish reasonable and prudent requirements and standards pursuant to this section.