State Law

Washington Admin. Code-Title 284-Chapter 284-170-Subchapter B. Health Care Networks

08/14/2020 Washington Section 284-170-260

Provider directories


(1) Provider directories must be updated at least monthly, and must be offered to accommodate individuals with limited-English proficiency or disabilities. An issuer must post the current provider directory for each health plan online, and must make a printed copy of the current directory available to an enrollee upon request as required under RCW 48.43.510 (1)(g).

(2) For each health plan, the associated provider directory must include the following information for each provider:

(a) The specialty area or areas for which the provider is licensed to practice and included in the network;

(b) Any in-network institutional affiliation of the provider, such as hospitals where the provider has admitting privileges or provider groups with which a provider is a member;

(c) Whether the provider may be accessed without referral;

(d) Any languages, other than English, spoken by the provider.

(3) An issuer must include in its electronic posting of a health plan’s provider directory a notation of any primary care, chiropractor, women’s health care provider, or pediatrician whose practice is closed to new patients.

(4) If an issuer maintains more than one provider network, its posted provider directory or directories must make it reasonably clear to an enrollee which network applies to which health plan.

(5) Information about any available telemedicine services must be included and specifically described.

(6) Information about any available interpreter services, communication and language assistance services, and accessibility of the physical facility must be identified in the directory, and the mechanism by which an enrollee may access such services.

(7) An issuer must include information about the network status of emergency providers as required by WAC 284-170-370.

(8) This section is effective for all plans, whether new or renewed, with effective dates on or after January 1, 2015.