State Law

Indiana Code-Title 27-Article 13-Chapter 9-Information to Enrollees or Subscribers

08/04/2023 Indiana Section 27-13-9-1

List of providers


Sec. 1. (a) Upon:

(1) the enrollment; and

(2) each reenrollment;

of a subscriber, a health maintenance organization must provide to the subscriber in electronic or paper form a list of providers who provide health care services through the health maintenance organization. The health maintenance organization must also provide the list of providers in electronic or paper form to a potential enrollee upon request.

(b) A health maintenance organization shall:

(1) inform a subscriber or potential enrollee that the subscriber or potential enrollee may request a list described in subsection (a) in paper form; and

(2) provide the list in paper form upon the request of the subscriber or potential enrollee.