State Law

North Dakota Century Code-Title 26.1-Chapter. 26.1-36. Accident and Health

08/15/2023 North Dakota Section 26.1-36-37.1

Standard health insurance proof of loss form — Claim payment time limits

Prompt Payment Deadlines

The commissioner shall prescribe by rule a standard health insurance proof of loss and claim form for use in filing proof of loss and a claim for all health care services. For purposes of this section, “health care service” means any service included in providing an individual with medical, dental, or hospital care or any service incident to providing medical, dental, or hospital care as well as any service provided to prevent, alleviate, care, or heal human illness or injury. After receipt of a health insurance proof of loss form, the insurer shall, within fifteen business days, pay the claim or that portion of the claim that is not contested, deny the claim, or make an initial request for additional information. If a claim or a portion of a claim is contested, the insured or the insured’s assignee must be notified in writing that the claim is contested and the reasons for the contest. Nothing in this notification precludes the insurer from denying the claim in whole or in part, for other reasons at a later date. Within fifteen business days of the receipt of the information initially requested, the insurer shall pay or deny the claim.