State Law

Arizona Admin. Code-Title 20-Chapter 6-Article 19. Health Care Services Organizations Oversight

06/15/2020 Arizona Section R20-6-1905

Geographic Area

Network Adequacy

A. An applicant shall describe the proposed geographic area in at least one of the following ways:

1. Legal description,

2. Local governmental jurisdiction such as city or county,

3. Census tracts,

4. Street boundaries, or

5. Area within a specified radius of a specified intersection or a specified primary care center.

B. An applicant shall submit a map that shows the boundaries for the proposed geographic area.

C. An applicant shall submit a description of the proposed network including the data required under R20-6-1913(A)(2) and (A)(3).

D. All advertising matter and sales material provided a prospective enrollee shall include a description of the geographic area in terms readily understandable by the general public.