State Law

Maryland Statutes-Article 15. Insurance

08/07/2023 Maryland Section 15-115

Limitations on all-products clauses

Participation in Products, Plans, or Networks

See bold text below:

(a) “Carrier” defined. —

(1) In this section, “carrier” means:

(i) an insurer;

(ii) a nonprofit health service plan;

(iii) a health maintenance organization;

(iv) a dental plan organization; or

(v) any other person that provides health benefit plans subject to regulation by the State.

(2) “Carrier” includes an entity that arranges a provider panel for a carrier.

Participation in Products, Plans, or Networks

(b) Impairment of provider participation prohibited. — A carrier that operates a managed care organization under Title 15, Subtitle 1 of the Health – General Article may not deny, limit, or otherwise impair the participation of a provider under contract with the carrier for choosing not to participate or limiting participation in the carrier’s managed care organization if the carrier is in violation of § 15-102.5 of the Health – General Article.