State Law

New Mexico Statutes Ann-Chapter 59A-Article 57A. Surprise Billing Protection

07/20/2020 New Mexico Section 59A-57A-7

Nonparticipating providers; rebates and inducements; prohibition

OON-Payment Issues

A nonparticipating provider shall not, either directly or indirectly, knowingly waive, rebate, give, pay or offer to waive, rebate, give or pay all or part of a cost-sharing amount owed by a covered person pursuant to the terms of the covered person’s health benefits plan as an inducement for the covered person to seek a health care service from that nonparticipating provider. The superintendent may impose fines on providers for unlawful rebates and inducements; provided that a provider on which the superintendent intends to impose a fine shall be entitled to a hearing in accordance with the provisions of Section 59A-4-15 NMSA 1978.

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