State Law

Revised Code of Washington-Title 48-Chapter 48.49-Balance Billing Protection Act

08/28/2023 Washington Section 48.49.080

Health care provider — Requirement to provide certain information on web site or upon consumer request — Requirement to submit network status information to carriers

OON-Payment Issues

(1)(a) A health care provider must provide the following information on its web site, if one is available:

(i) The listing of the carrier health plan provider networks with which the provider contracts, based upon the information provided by the carrier pursuant to RCW 48.43.730(7); and

(ii) The notice of consumer rights developed under RCW 48.49.060.

(b) If the health care provider does not maintain a web site, this information must be provided to consumers upon an oral or written request.

(2) Posting or otherwise providing the information required in this section does not relieve a provider of its obligation to comply with the provisions of this chapter.

(3) An in-network provider must submit accurate information to a carrier regarding the provider’s network status in a timely manner, consistent with the terms of the contract between the provider and the carrier.