State Law

New Mexico Statutes Ann-Chapter 24-Article 1I. Health Care Practitioner Agreements

07/21/2020 New Mexico Section 24-1I-3

Enforceability of other provisions

Restrictive Covenants

Nothing in this act shall be construed to limit the enforceability of:

A. a provision in an agreement requiring a health care practitioner who has worked for an employer for an initial period of less than three years to repay all or a portion of:

(1) a loan;

(2) relocation expenses;

(3) a signing bonus or other remuneration to induce the health care practitioner to relocate or establish a health care practice in a specified geographic area; or

(4) recruiting, education and training expenses;

B. a nondisclosure provision relating to confidential information and trade secrets;

C. a nonsolicitation provision with respect to patients and employees of the party seeking to enforce the agreement for a period of one year or less after the last date of employment; or

D. any other provision of an agreement that is not in violation of law, including a provision for liquidated damages.

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