State Law

New Mexico Statutes Ann-Chapter 24-Article 1I. Health Care Practitioner Agreements

07/21/2020 New Mexico Section 24-1I-2

Enforceability of a non-compete provision; other provisions void

Restrictive Covenants

A. A non-compete provision in an agreement, which provision restricts the right of a health care practitioner to provide clinical health care services in this state, shall be unenforceable upon the termination of:

(1) the agreement;

(2) a renewal or extension of the agreement; or

(3) a health care practitioner’s employment with a party seeking to enforce the agreement.

B. A provision in an agreement for clinical health care services to be rendered in this state is void, unenforceable and against public policy if the provision:

(1) makes the agreement subject to the laws of another state; or

(2) requires any litigation arising out of the agreement to be conducted in another state.

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