State Law

Nevada Rev. Statutes-Title 57-Chapter 695C. HMOs-Miscellaneous Provisions

08/15/2023 Nevada Section 695C.187

Schedule for payment of claims: Mandatory inclusion in arrangements for provision of health care

Prompt Payment Deadlines

1.  A health maintenance organization shall not:

(a) Enter into any contract or agreement, or make any other arrangements, with a provider for the provision of health care; or

(b) Employ a provider pursuant to a contract, an agreement or any other arrangement to provide health care, unless the contract, agreement or other arrangement specifically provides that the health maintenance organization and provider agree to the schedule for the payment of claims set forth in NRS 695C.185.

2.  Any contract, agreement or other arrangement between a health maintenance organization and a provider that is entered into or renewed on or after October 1, 2001, that does not specifically include a provision concerning the schedule for the payment of claims as required by subsection 1 shall be deemed to conform with the requirements of subsection 1 by operation of law.