State Law

Minnesota Statutes-Chapter 62C. Nonprofit Health Service Plan Corporations

08/08/2023 Minnesota Section 62C.16

Service agreements


Subdivision 1. Agreements with authorized providers. — Service plan corporations, as agents for providers, may enter into service agreements only with providers authorized to practice their profession or conduct their business in this state or the state or foreign country in which the provider is located.

Subd. 2. Enforcement. — A service plan corporation shall enforce its service agreements, including agreements of providers to accept payment from the corporation as compensation for health service rendered or provided to subscribers who have prepaid for the health service. Provisions for review, by participating providers, of claims shall be a part of each service agreement.

Subd. 3. Filing. — Each type of service agreement shall be filed with the commissioner, prior to its use and those in effect on August 1, 1971, shall be filed within 60 days thereof.

Subd. 4. Retaliatory action prohibited. — No service plan corporation may take retaliatory action against a provider solely on the grounds that the provider disseminated accurate information regarding coverage of benefits or accurate benefit limitations of a subscriber’s contract or accurate interpretations of the provider agreement that limit the prescribing, providing, or ordering of care.