State Law

Code of Virginia-Title 38.2-Chapter 34-Article 6. Federal Market Reforms

08/26/2023 Virginia Section 38.2-3445

Patient access to emergency services

OON-Payment Issues

Notwithstanding any provision of § 38.2-3407.1138.2-4312.3, or any other section of this title to the contrary, if a health carrier providing individual or group health insurance coverage provides any benefits with respect to services in an emergency department of a hospital, the health carrier shall provide coverage for emergency services:

1. Without the need for any prior authorization determination, regardless of whether the emergency services are provided on an in-network or out-of-network basis;

2. Without regard to the final diagnosis rendered to the covered person or whether the health care provider furnishing the emergency services is a participating health care provider with respect to such services;

3. If such services are provided out-of-network, without imposing any administrative requirement or limitation on coverage that is more restrictive than the requirements or limitations that apply to such services received from an in-network provider;

4. If such services are provided out-of-network, the health carrier shall pay the out-of-network provider in accordance with § 38.2-3445.01 less any cost-sharing requirement. Any such cost-sharing requirement shall not exceed the cost-sharing requirement that would apply if such services were provided in-network as provided in § 38.2-3445.01; and

5. Without regard to any term or condition of such coverage other than the exclusion of or coordination of benefits or an affiliation or waiting period.