State Law

Chapter 40-Article 46. Managed Care

08/05/2023 Kansas Section 40-4606

Same; health insurer required to inform in writing current and prospective insureds of availability of certain information


Every health insurer shall inform in writing current and prospective insureds that the following information shall be available upon request:

(a) A complete description of the health care services, items and other benefits to which the insured is entitled in the particular health benefit plan which is covering or being offered to such person;

(b) a description of any limitations, exceptions or exclusions to coverage in the health benefit plan, including prior authorization policies, restricted drug formularies or other provisions which restrict access to covered services or items by the insured;

(c) a listing of the health benefit plan’s participating providers, their business addresses and telephone numbers, the availability of those providers, and any limitations on an insured’s choice of provider;

(d) notification in advance of any changes in the health benefit plan which either reduces the coverage or benefits, or increases the cost, to such person; and

(e) a description of the grievance and appeal procedures available under the health benefit plan and an insured’s rights regarding termination, disenrollment, nonrenewal or cancelation of coverage.