State Law

Nebraska Rev. Statutes-Chapter 44. Insurance

08/10/2023 Nebraska Section 44-7308

Grievance review

State Medical Necessity Appeals-Deadlines

See bold text below:

(1) If a covered person makes a request to a health carrier for a health care service and the request is denied, the health carrier shall provide the covered person with an explanation of the reasons for the denial, a written notice of how to submit a grievance, and the telephone number to call for information and assistance. The health carrier, at the time of a determination not to certify an admission, a continued stay, or other health care service, shall inform the attending or ordering provider of the right to submit a grievance or a request for an expedited review and, upon request, shall explain the procedures established by the health carrier for initiating a review. A grievance involving an adverse determination may be submitted by the covered person, the covered person’s representative, or a provider acting on behalf of a covered person, except that a provider may not submit a grievance involving an adverse determination on behalf of a covered person in a situation in which federal or other state law prohibits a provider from taking that action. A health carrier shall ensure that a majority of the persons reviewing a grievance involving an adverse determination have appropriate expertise. A health carrier shall issue a copy of the written decision to a provider who submits a grievance on behalf of a covered person. A health carrier shall conduct a review of a grievance involving an adverse determination in accordance with subsection (3) of this section and section 44-7310, but such a grievance is not subject to the grievance register reporting requirements of section 44-7306 unless it is a written grievance.

(2)(a) A grievance concerning any matter except an adverse determination may be submitted by a covered person or a covered person’s representative. A health carrier shall issue a written decision to the covered person or the covered person’s representative within fifteen working days after receiving a grievance. The person or persons reviewing the grievance shall not be the same person or persons who made the initial determination denying a claim or handling the matter that is the subject of the grievance. If the health carrier cannot make a decision within fifteen working days due to circumstances beyond the health carrier’s control, the health carrier may take up to an additional fifteen working days to issue a written decision, if the health carrier provides written notice to the covered person of the extension and the reasons for the delay on or before the fifteenth working day after receiving a grievance.

(b) A covered person does not have the right to attend, or to have a representative in attendance, at the grievance review. A covered person is entitled to submit written material. The health carrier shall provide the covered person the name, address, and telephone number of a person designated to coordinate the grievance review on behalf of the health carrier. The health carrier shall make these rights known to the covered person within three working days after receiving a grievance.

(3) The written decision issued pursuant to the procedures described in subsections (1) and (2) of this section and section 44-7310 shall contain:

(a) The names, titles, and qualifying credentials of the person or persons acting as the reviewer or reviewers participating in the grievance review process;

(b) A statement of the reviewers’ understanding of the covered person’s grievance;

(c) The reviewers’ decision in clear terms and the contract basis or medical rationale in sufficient detail for the covered person to respond further to the health carrier’s position;

(d) A reference to the evidence or documentation used as the basis for the decision;

(e) In cases involving an adverse determination, the instructions for requesting a written statement of the clinical rationale, including the clinical review criteria used to make the determination; and

(f) Notice of the covered person’s right to contact the director’s office. The notice shall contain the telephone number and address of the director’s office.