State Law

Ariz. Rev. Statutes-Title 20. Insurance-Chapter 4-Article 1. Scope of Title

07/28/2023 Arizona Section 20-118

Prohibition; definitions

Anti-gag clause, Anti-retaliation

Anti-gag clause

A. A person subject to this title shall not restrict or prohibit, by means of a policy or contract, whether written or otherwise, a licensed health care professional’s good faith communication with the health care professional’s patient concerning the patient’s health care or medical needs, treatment options, health care risks or benefits.


B. A person subject to this title shall not terminate a contract with or refuse to renew a contract with a health care professional solely because the health care professional in good faith does any of the following:

1. Advocates in private or in public on behalf of a patient.

2. Assists a patient in seeking reconsideration of a decision made by the person to deny coverage for a health care service.

3. Reports a violation of law to an appropriate authority.

C. For the purposes of this section:

1. “Contract” means a written contract under which a licensed health care professional agrees to provide specified health care services to covered persons.  Contract does not include a contract of salaried employment.

2. “Health care professional” has the same meaning prescribed in section 20-3151.