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Search state statutes and regulations in all 50 states and the District of Columbia to find out what rights you have in your state and what other states are doing to empower physicians and patients in the face of health insurer market power.

State Law

Texas Statutes-Insurance Code-Title 8-Subtitle F-Chapter 1458. Subchapters A and C.

07/17/2023 Texas Sections 1458.001, 1458.101 and 1458.102

General definitions; Contract requirements; Contract access

Fee Schedules, Most Favored Nation, Rental Networks
State Law

Indiana Code-Title 27-Article 8-Chapter 11-Accident and Sickness Insurance─Reimbursement Agreements

07/13/2023 Indiana Sections 27-8-11-1, 27-8-11-4.5, 27-8-11-7, 27-8-11-8, 27-8-11-9, 27-8-11-11, 27-8-11-13

Definitions; Permitted Disclosures by Providers; Coverage of Benefit or Service; Payment of Provider, Application; Provider Credentialing; Provider Directories; Preferred Provider Agreement Prohibitions; Insurer Payment to Insured for Service Rendered by Noncontracted Provider; Requirements; Fully Credentialed Provider Reimbursement; Requirements

Anti-gag clause, Anti-retaliation, Credentialing-Deadlines, Credentialing-Payment Issues, Directories, Most Favored Nation
State Law

Rhode Island Gen Laws-Title 27-Chapter 27-18.8. Health Care Accessibility and Quality Assurance Act

08/22/2023 Rhode Island Section 27-18.8-3

Certification of network plans

Anti-retaliation, Continuity of Care Post-Contract, Credentialing-Patient Demographics, Directories, Most Favored Nation, Termination
State Law

Revised Code of Washington-Title 48-Chapter 48.43. Insurance Reform

08/26/2023 Washington Section 48.43.775

Qualified health plan participation — Reimbursement rate for other health plans

Most Favored Nation
State Law

Arkansas Code-Title 23-Subtitle 3-Chapter 99-Subchapter 12. Healthcare Contracting Simplification Act

07/28/2023 Arkansas Section 23-99-1204

Prohibition-Most favored nation clause

Most Favored Nation
State Law

Arkansas Code-Title 23-Subtitle 3-Chapter 99-Subchapter 12. Healthcare Contracting Simplification Act

07/18/2023 Arkansas Sections 23-99-1202


Amendments, Most Favored Nation, Participation in Products, Plans, or Networks
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Prohibiting Most Favored Nations Clause Act

Uses most favored nation (MFN) clauses in physician managed-care contracts. Dominant health insurers can force physicians to give discounts to the dominant insurer that the physician may have given to other insurers or payers. This model bill prohibits health insurers from putting MFN clauses in physician contracts.

Model Legislation, Most Favored Nation
State Law

North Carolina Gen. Statutes-Chapter 58-Article 50. General Accident and Health Insurance Regulations

08/10/2023 North Carolina Section 58-50-295

Prohibited contract provisions related to reimbursement rates

Most Favored Nation
Ama Policy

Most Favored Nation Clause within Insurance Contracts H-385.938

Most Favored Nation