Federal Laws

Find out what rights you and your patients have under current federal statutes and regulations, such as the Employee Retirement Income Security Act and the Medicare Advantage program.

Federal Law

Title 42-Chapter IV-Subchapter B-Part 422. Subpart V—Medicare Advantage Communication Requirements

08/30/2023 42 CFR § 422.2267

Required materials and content

Directories-Med. Adv.
Ama Policy

Ban on Medicare Advantage “No Cause” Network Terminations H-285.902

Directories-Med. Adv., Network Adequacy-Med. Adv., Termination-Med. Adv.
Federal Law

Title 42-Chapter 7-Subchapter XVIII-Part C. Medicare+Choice Program

08/30/2023 42 USC Section 1395w-22

Benefits and beneficiary protections

Anti-gag clause-Med. Adv., Directories-Med. Adv., Liability-insurer shifting to physician-Med. Adv., Med. Adv.-Med. Nec. Appeals-Deadlines, Med. Adv.-Med. Nec. Decisions-Deadlines, Network Adequacy-Med. Adv., Prohibited financial incentives-Med. Adv., Risk-Physicians Taking-Med. Adv.