Federal Law

Title 42-Chapter IV-Subchapter B-Part 422-Subpart K. Application Procedures and Contracts for Medicare Advantage Organizations

08/30/2023 42 CFR 422.520

Prompt Payment by MA organization

Prompt Payment Deadlines-Med. Adv.

See bold text below:

(a) Contract between CMS and the MA organization. (1) The contract between CMS and the MA organization must provide that the MA organization will pay 95 percent of the “clean claims” within 30 days of receipt if they are submitted by, or on behalf of, an enrollee of an MA private fee-for-service plan or are claims for services that are not furnished under a written agreement between the organization and the provider.

(2) The MA organization must pay interest on clean claims that are not paid within 30 days in accordance with sections 1816(c)(2)(B) and 1842(c)(2)(B).

(3) All other claims from non-contracted providers must be paid or denied within 60 calendar days from the date of the request.

(b)(1) Contracts between MA organizations and providers and suppliers. Contracts or other written agreements between MA organizations and providers must contain a prompt payment provision, the terms of which are developed and agreed to by both the MA organization and the relevant provider.

(2) The MA organization is obligated to pay contracted providers under the terms of the contract between the MA organization and the provider.

(c) Failure to comply. If CMS determines, after giving notice and opportunity for hearing, that an MA organization has failed to make payments in accordance with paragraph (a) of this section, CMS may provide—

(1) For direct payment of the sums owed to providers, or MA private fee-for-service plan enrollees; and

(2) For appropriate reduction in the amounts that would otherwise be paid to the organization, to reflect the amounts of the direct payments and the cost of making those payments.

(d) A CMS decision to not conduct a hearing under paragraph (c) of this section does not disturb any potential remedy under State law for 1866(a)(1)(O) of the Act.

See https://www.ecfr.gov/cgi-bin/text-idx?SID=a1c5e7bdd69183765b66f39e2833578d&mc=true&node=pt42.3.422&rgn=div5