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Value-Based Decision-Making in the Health Care System H-450.938

Risk—Physicians Taking


1. Physicians should encourage their patients to participate in making value-based health care decisions.

2. Physicians should have easy access to and consider the best available evidence at the point of decision-making, to ensure that the chosen intervention is maximally effective in reducing morbidity and mortality.

3. Physicians should have easy access to and review the best available data associated with costs at the point of decision-making. This necessitates cost data to be delivered in a reasonable and useable manner by third-party payers and purchasers. The cost of each alternate intervention, in addition to patient insurance coverage and cost-sharing requirements, should be evaluated.

4. Physicians can enhance value by balancing the potential benefits and costs in their decision-making related to maximizing health outcomes and quality of care for patients.

5. Physicians should seek opportunities to improve their information technology infrastructures to include new and innovative technologies, such as personal health records and other health information technology initiatives, to facilitate increased access to needed and useable evidence and information at the point of decision-making.

6. Physicians should seek opportunities to integrate prevention, including screening, testing and lifestyle counseling, into office visits by patients who may be at risk of developing a preventable chronic disease later in life.

Policy Timeline

CMS Rep. 7, A-08Reaffirmed in lieu of Res. 5, A-12Reaffirmation I-14Reaffirmation: I-17Reaffirmed: CMS Rep. 06, A-19Reaffirmed: CMS Rep. 2, I-21