Ama Policy

The Preservation of the Private Practice of Medicine D-405.988

Fee Schedules

Our AMA: (1) supports preserving the value of the private practice of medicine and its benefit to patients; (2) will utilize its resources to protect and support the continued existence of solo and small group medical practice, and to protect and support the ability of these practices to provide quality care; (3) will advocate in Congress to ensure adequate payment for services rendered by private practicing physicians; (4) will work through the appropriate channels to preserve choices and opportunities, including the private practice of medicine, for new physicians whose choices and opportunities may be limited due to their significant medical education debt; (5) will work through the appropriate channels to ensure that medical students and residents during their training are educated in all of medicine’s career choices, including the private practice of medicine; (6) will create, maintain, and make accessible to medical students, residents and fellows, and physicians, resources to enhance satisfaction and practice sustainability for physicians in private practice; (7) will create and maintain a reference document establishing principles for entering into and sustaining a private practice, and encourage medical schools and residency programs to present physicians in training with information regarding private practice as a viable option; and (8) will issue a report in collaboration with the Private Practice Physicians Section at least every two years communicating their efforts to support independent medical practices.

Policy Timeline

Res. 224, I-10 Appended: Res. 604, A-12 Reaffirmation I-13 Appended: Res. 735, A-14 Reaffirmed in lieu of Res. 223, I-14 Modified: Speakers Rep. 01, A-17; Reaffirmed: Res. 724, A-22 Reaffirmation: A-22 Appended: Res. 602, A-22