Ama Policy

Preservation of Evaluation/Management CPT Codes H-70.985

Payment Edits
It is the policy of the AMA to (1) oppose the bundling of procedure and laboratory services within the current CPT Evaluation/Management (E/M) services;

(2) oppose the compression of E/M codes and support efforts to better define and delineate such services and their codes;

(3) seek feedback from its members on insurance practices that advocate bundling of procedures and laboratory services with or the compression of codes in the CPT E/M codes, and express its views to such companies on behalf of its members;

(4) continue to work with the PPRC and all other appropriate organizations to insure that any modifications of CPT E/M codes are appropriate, clinically meaningful, and reflective of the considered views of organized medicine; and

(5) work to ensure that physicians have the continued opportunity to use CPT as a coding system that is maintained by the medical profession.

Policy Timeline

Sub. Res. 98, A-90 Reaffirmed by Res. 850, A-98 Reaffirmed: Res. 814, A-00 Reaffirmation I-00 Reaffirmed: CMS Rep. 6, A-10