Ama Policy

Medicare Physician Payment Reform D-390.961

Risk—Physicians Taking

1. Our AMA will continue to advocate for adequate investment in comparative effectiveness research that is consistent with AMA Policy H-460.909, and in effective methods of translating research findings relating to quality of care into clinical practice.

2. Our AMA will advocate for better methods of data collection, development, reporting and dissemination of practical clinical decision-making tools for patients and physicians, and rapid, confidential feedback about comparative practice patterns to physicians to enable them to make the best use of the information at the local and specialty level.

3. Our AMA urges physician organizations, including state medical associations and national medical specialty societies, to develop and recruit groups of physicians to experiment with diverse ideas for achieving Medicare savings, including the development of organizational structures that maximize participation opportunities for physician practices.

4. Our AMA will continue to advocate for changes in antitrust and other laws that would facilitate shared-savings arrangements, and enable solo and small group practices to make innovations that could enhance care coordination and increase the value of health care delivery.

5. Our AMA supports local innovation and funding of demonstration projects that allow physicians to benefit from increased efficiencies based on practice changes that best fit local needs.

6. Our AMA will work with appropriate public and private officials and advisory bodies to ensure that bundled payments, if implemented, do not lead to hospital-controlled payments to physicians.

Policy Timeline

CMS 6, A-09Reaffirmation A-10Reaffirmation I-13 CMS Rep. 5, I-16Reaffirmation: A-22