Ama Policy

Managed Care Contract Deadline H-285.924


It is the policy of our AMA that health plans:

(1) should not include the name of a physician in their marketing materials and directory of participating physicians without the prior written consent of that physician;

(2) must promptly remove the physician’s name from marketing materials and directory of participating physicians upon termination of that physician’s contract with the plan;

(3) should provide patients with their current directory of participating physicians through multiple media, including, but not limited to, the Internet; and

(4) should continue to cover services provided by physicians who involuntarily leave a plan, for reasons other than loss of/restrictions on their medical license/certification or fraud (i.e., with cause), until the provider directory is updated online and a new printed directory is distributed.

Policy Timeline

Sub. Res. 703, I-00 Modified: CMS Rep. 8, A-02 Reaffirmation A-07 Reaffirmed: CMS Rep. 4, I-14 Modified: CMS Rep. 03, A-17