Ama Policy

Hospital Employed/Contracted Physicians Reimbursement H-225.964

Risk—Physicians Taking

AMA policy states that: (1) all hospital employed/contracted physicians be prospectively involved if the hospital negotiates for them for capitation and global billing contracts; (2) hospital employed/contracted physicians be informed about the actual payment amount allocated to the physician component of the total hospital payment received by the contractual arrangement; and (3) all potential hospital/contracted physicians request a bona fide hospital plan which delineates the actual payment amount allocated to the employed or contracted physicians.

Policy Timeline

Sub. Res. 723, I-96Reaffirmed: Res. 812, A-02Reaffirmed: CMS Rep. 4, A-12Reaffirmed: BOT Rep. 4, I-12Reaffirmed: Res. 202, A-22Reaffirmed: CMS Rep. 1, A-22