Ama Policy

Development and Use of Physician Profiles H-406.993


The AMA: (1) urges state medical associations, national medical specialty societies, hospital medical staff, and individual physicians to seek active involvement in the development, implementation, and evaluation of physician profiling initiatives; (2) encourages research to develop improved data sources, methods, and feedback approaches to physician profiling initiatives; (3) opposes the use of profiling procedures that do not meet AMA principles for the credentialing or termination of physicians by managed care plans; (4) opposes physician profiling data being used for economic credentialing purposes; (5) believes that any disclosure or release of physician profiles shall follow strict conformance to AMA policy on the use and release of physician-specific health care data (Policy 406.996); and (6) will monitor the use of profiling procedures related to physician profiling.


Policy Timeline

CMS Rep. J, A-93 Res. 808, A-95 CMS Rep. 10, A-96 Reaffirmation A-05 Reaffirmed: CMS Rep. 1, A-15