Ama Policy

Changes in the Bundling of Medical Services by Managed Care Plans H-70.962

Payment Edits

Our AMA will introduce or support legislation or regulation that would require that managed care plans be monitored and prohibited from the arbitrary and inappropriate bundling of services to reduce payment to participating physicians; and that the medically indicated patient services such as consultations and diagnostic procedures provided by physicians on the same day be paid on a separate basis in conformity with the AMA Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) coding policy and not inappropriately bundled as they currently are by managed care plans.


Policy Timeline

Res. 811, A-96 Reaffirmed: Res. 814, A-00 Reaffirmed: BOT Rep. 8, I-00 Reaffirmation I-01 Reaffirmation A-05 Reaffirmation I-07 Reaffirmed in lieu of Res. 831, I-08 Reaffirmed: CMS Rep. 01, A-18