Ama Policy

Bundling of Codes for Physician Services H-70.949

Payment Edits

Our AMA: (1) advocates and will take steps to ensure that public and private payers do not bundle services inappropriately by encompassing individually coded services under other separately coded services unless specifically addressed in CPT guidelines; and (2) will enhance and fully coordinate its activities to prevent the inappropriate bundling of CPT codes (and other coding systems for supplies, injections, etc) used for payment by both public and private payers.


Policy Timeline

Sub. Res. 814, I-97 Reaffirmed: Res. 814, A-00 Reaffirmed: BOT Rep. 8, I-00 Reaffirmed: CMS Rep. 2, A-01 Reaffirmation A-07 Reaffirmed: CMS Rep. 01, A-17