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Ama Policy

Managed Care Contract Deadline H-285.924

Ama Policy

Fair Physician Contracts H-285.946

Directories, Fee Schedules, Payment Edits, Termination
ARC Advocacy Resources

Model Network Adequacy Model Bill

A red-lined version of the NAIC’s model bill to assist medical societies in states where the NAIC model has been introduced or where the medical society would like to propose network adequacy legislation.

Amendments, Anti-gag clause, Anti-retaliation, Continuity of Care Post-Contract, Credentialing-Patient Demographics, Directories, Model Legislation, Network Adequacy, Prohibited financial incentives, Termination
ARC Advocacy Resources

Provider Directories Model Bill

Ensures that health insurer provider directors are accurate, timely updated, and contain information sufficient to enable patients to make informed decisions concerning physicians and health care providers.

Directories, Model Legislation
Federal Law

H.R.3630 – No Surprises Act – 116th Congress (2019-2020)

04/21/2021 Sections 2719A and 2799 of the Public Health Service Act

Patient Protections; Balance Billing in Cases of Emergency Services

Directories, OON-Payment Issues
State Law

Arizona Admin. Code-Title 20-Chapter 6-Article 19. Health Care Services Organizations Oversight

06/15/2020 Arizona Section R20-6-1912

Network Directories

State Law

Arizona Rev. Statutes-Title 20-Chapter 27-Article 1. General Provisions

06/15/2020 Arizona Section 20-3455

Reported discrepancies; corrective action

State Law

Arkansas Insurance Department-Rule 106

06/16/2020 Arkansas Rule 106

Network adequacy requirements for health benefit plans

Directories, Network Adequacy
State Law

California Code of Regulations-Title 10-Chapter 5-Subchapter 2-Article 6. Provider Network Access Standards for Disability Policies and Agreements

08/21/2020 California Section 2240.6

Notice and Information to Covered Persons

State Law

Insurance Code-Division 2-Part 2-Chapter 1-Article 2. Transfer

06/19/2020 California Section 10133.15

Provider directories

Directories, Termination