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Ama Policy

Qualifications and Credentialing of Physicians Involved in Managed Care H-285.991

Credentialing-Due Process-Denial of Contract, Termination, Termination-Due Process
Ama Policy

Fair Physician Contracts H-285.946

Directories, Fee Schedules, Payment Edits, Termination
Ama Policy

Network Adequacy H-285.908

Network Adequacy, Termination
ARC Advocacy Resources

Model Network Adequacy Model Bill

A red-lined version of the NAIC’s model bill to assist medical societies in states where the NAIC model has been introduced or where the medical society would like to propose network adequacy legislation.

Amendments, Anti-gag clause, Anti-retaliation, Continuity of Care Post-Contract, Credentialing-Patient Demographics, Directories, Model Legislation, Network Adequacy, Prohibited financial incentives, Termination
Ama Policy

AMA Principles for Physician Employment H-225.950

Anti-retaliation, Restrictive Covenants, Termination, Termination-Due Process
Ama Policy

Hospital-Based Physician Contracting H-383.997

Risk—Physicians Taking, Termination
State Law

Alaska Statutes-Title 21-Chapter 07. Patient Protections Under Health Care Insurance Policies

07/27/2023 Alaska Section 21.07.010

Patient and health care provider protection

Anti-gag clause, Anti-retaliation, Fee Schedules, Liability-insurer shifting to physician, Most Favored Nation, Participation in Products, Plans, or Networks, Prohibited financial incentives, Termination
State Law

Alaska Statutes-Title 21-Chapter 86. Health Maintenance Organizations

07/27/2023 Alaska Section 21.86.150

Prohibited practices

Anti-gag clause, Prohibited financial incentives, Termination